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Click below to open the Invitation for Non-AA Members to the Public Information and Co-Operation with Professionals in the Community Forum, Open Meeting.

Friday 13th September 2019Dougherty Centre, 7 Victor St Chatswood. 

PI & CPC Forum – Open Meeting Invitation

Map Link Here

This Open Meeting is a forum where AA members can work with professionals and members of the public to carry the message to the still suffering alcoholic.

Invite a doctor, lawyer, nurse, police officer or anyone you know who works in a field that comes into contact with people who could use a helping hand with their alcohol problem, or bring a friend who wants to help a friend or family member, or is interested in helping their community explore ways of dealing with this disease.

Please feel free to circulate this invitation to any member of the public, or of the professional community, that may find the information relevant and might like to join us.

Click Here to register on Eventbrite for tickets (no charge)

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The General Service Process Map is a visual aid designed to make the task of communicating the AA Service structure in Australia much easier.

A pdf version of the Process Map can be downloaded here. (It is suggested that all members print this out and take it to your next group conscience. )

A power point version of the Process Map can be downloaded here.

And a small video showing the Process Map in action can be downloaded here.

And below is the map itself.




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Welcome to New GSRs in AREA E (Eastern Region)


Thank you for joining us in AA General Service for Area E.  We trust that you’ll find the experience rewarding in the spiritual sense.

In Area E, we have agreed to collect basic reports from the GSRs and Committee Members in advance of each meeting/assembly via Google Docs.  The intention is to streamline our time together to focus on discussion and decision of matters rather than just reporting.  We also firmly believe that the technology should not preclude participation in Area E General Service and will work to accommodate individuals as the need arises.  Please email for details.

If you have any questions about navigating the website or what to expect at your first meeting, please email and we’ll arrange for someone to reach out.


The general AA Australia guides for GSRs are found here:


AA Australia Service Manual, Section 3:  The GSR


Guideline No LG-03:  The General Service Representative


The Group Handbook

Available for purchase for $2.50 through NSCSO in St. Ives

Online copy in QLD:


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All AA Members are invited to attend and participate in the Annual General Meetings of Northern Sydney Central Service Office and Area E Assembly.

Please join us for lunch, hearing about our activities in the past year and elections of available service jobs due to rotation or vacant.

For details, please see the attached flyer below. And feel free to print a few copies out and spread the message!


In Service,


John B.

Area Delegate.

AGM 2018 Flyer