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This is an invitation to attend and also a request for support with the fundraising for the 2017 Australian National Convention which is being hosted by the North Eastern Region next July in Cairns.

We have received pledges and donations from local, district and area levels so far. Some groups have foregone their donations to District/CSO etc. to make a one-time pledge or donation, other groups have organised fundraising events and donated the revenue that this produced. The Convention belongs to the whole fellowship of Australia and so we would like all groups to show their support.

With so many generous groups nationwide, even seemingly small donations quickly accumulate. Would you please pass this information through your area and district structures so that it reaches every home-group. It is a suggestion that each home-group makes a one off pledge, donation we are now exactly 12 months out.

Donate directly to:
2017 National Convention
BSB 034-241
Account 405418

Yours in fellowship

2017 Host Planning Committee


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As discussed and demonstrated by Matt S at the recent Area E Forum, the first topic has been submitted by Area E for the 2016 Conference. The General Service Process Map is a visual aid designed to make the  task of communicating our service structure in Australia much easier.

You can read a copy of the topic submission here

A pdf version of the Process Map can be downloaded here. (It is suggested that all members print this out and take it to your next group conscience. )

A power point version of the Process Map can be downloaded here.

And a small video showing the Process Map in action can be downloaded here.

And here you can see Matt’s wonderful map in all its glory.




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AA members and groups in Australia have an opportunity to put forward suggestions, known as Topics, to be considered for inclusion on the agenda of the Australian General Service Conference being held in Sydney in November 2016. The theme of the conference being : A Design for Living.

The Topic Form provides guidance for the development and formatting of a suggestion as a Topic. Whilst Topic Forms may be submitted to the National Office, Area E is holding an Area Assembly on 28 May. This will provide an opportunity for proposed Topics to be discussed by representatives of all the groups and may include suggestions for fine tuning a Topic for submission.

Members and groups who wish to have their Topic discussed at the Area E Assembly are requested to fill in the Topic Form and e-mail a copy to the Area E Secretary – –  prior to 27 May.

In Service.

John B

Area E Delegate.

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Alcoholics Anonymous Area E Committee

Minutes of Meeting: Tuesday, 5th April 2016 @ 7:30 PM

Chair:             Andrew I (RtR Kirribilli Fri PM)


Michael             (RtR Kirribilli Fri PM)

Christopher       (RtR Kirribilli Fri PM)

John                 (Seaforth Tue PM)

John R              (Narrabeen Thu AM)

John G

Anna                 (Dee Why Thu PM)

Rosemary         (RtR North Syd Tue PM)

Rowena            (Seaforth Tue PM & Dee Why B’fast)

Garry                (Gordon Mon PM)

Mike                 (RtR Kirribilli Fri PM)

Darren              (RtR Kirribilli Fri PM)

Ben                  (Epping Mon PM & Thu PM)

BJ                    (Mosman Mon PM)



Lachlan B          (Royal North Shore Thu PM)

Peter                (North Sydney Mon PM)


Meeting Opened:                07:30pm

12 Traditions Read By:     Garry (Gordon Mon PM)

Previous Minutes:              Accepted


Action Item Description Owner Due Status
20160405.1 Looking at integrating articles with mail chimp to eliminate the double handling. Lachlan B 20160504 New
20160405.2 Setup email addresses for all position holders and update mailchimp configuration. Lachlan B 20160504 New
20160405.3 Area Survey to put added to the website Andrew 20160415 New
20160405.4 Area Committee Members to complete Area Survey which should be on the website. ALL 20160420 New
20160405.5 Topics for Conference – Guidance material of how to compose and submit a topic to be put on the website Andrew 20160504 New
20160405.6 Area D Sept Forum: Determine a session and panel our area can hold at the forum. Anna 20160504 New
20160405.7 Create a guideline and add it to the website outlining the difference between a group and a meeting Garry 20160504 New
20160405.8 Create a guideline and add to the website outlining the policy on Dogs at Meetings John R 20160504 New
20160405.9 Organise an assembly for 28th May to discuss topics for conference Anna, John, Andrew 20160504 New
20160307.3 Peter to talk to GSO to determine the amount the Area has donated as it is currently not clear. Peter 20160405


In Progress
20160307.4 Andrew, Rowena, John (Narrabeen) to review the GSR flyer with the view of possibly making it more appealing.  Currently there is thought that the flyer is great but does have a few too many words hence turning people off reading it Andrew, Rowena,

John (Narrabeen)



In Progress
20160307.5 Andrew to outline all Area E meeting dates so it is clear for everyone. Andrew 20160405 Completed
20160307.6 Andrew to check with the office that the Area E meeting dates don’t conflict with any office meetings. Andrew 20160405 Completed
20160307.1 John to send current material involving the movie screenings to Rosemary. John (Seaforth) 20160405 Completed
20160307.2 Peter to donate $1000 to the Fiji Convention. Peter 20160405 Completed


Chairman’s Report: Andrew

High on his agenda are the 3 Area Forums to be held this year and what we are going to do for each of them.

PI Report: Position Vacant

A report was not tabled.

  • John G volunteered for PI and was voted into the position.
  • John (Seaforth) will pass all the relevant PI material onto John (Narrabeen).
  • The first PI activity for this year has been organised. On the 28th April John R and 2 speakers from Al-Anon will be speaking with North Shore Hospital staff.

 Treasurer’s Report: Peter (Not present – sent apology)

A report was not tabled.

  • $1000 donation was paid for the Fiji Conventions.
  • The Area E account balance is currently $3,991.18.

 Delegate’s Report: John

  • Fiji Convention was very successful. John read an email outlining how successful it was and the lives that were touched.  Everyone came to give and give they did.  178 attended including 40 Al-Anon.
  • Fiji Convention – The monetary support from AA Australia allowed for busses to be provided for transport.
  • Fiji Convention – John has asked Tracy from Frenchs Forest Group to provide a report to be published in the Area Link Letter.
  • ACTION ITEM: A survey is required to be completed by the Area Committee by 20th April that asks questions about the compositions of the groups in the area. Andrew is to put the survey on the website.
  • ACTION ITEM: Topics for Conference are required to be composed, discussed, and submitted by 24th Andrew to put on the website guidance of how to put together a topic and the vetting process.
  • ACTION ITEM: Area D is to hold a forum on the 24th September and they have requested if we would like to hold a session with a panel with a particular topic is discussed. The Area E Alternate Delegate, Anna, will co-ordinate this activity.
  • Advised the committee of the e-mail received from AA NSW Service Council. The Area E committee re-affirmed the view ‘That Area E has no opinion in relation to service entities that operate outside of the General Service Structure of AA Australia’.”

Alternate Delegate Report: Anna

A report was not tabled.

 Group Liaison Report: Michael

There wasn’t anything to report hence a report was not tabled.

 Web Master Report: Lachlan B

  • Area E Website
  • Jan and March Minutes have been added to the website as well as emailed out to the members through our Mail-chimp service.
  • The latest mail-chimp usage report is attached so you can review how our emails are being read.
  • The last email about the Jan minutes was read by 42% of our 111 subscribers. The average across all our emails is 37% open rate.
  • ACTION ITEM: Looking at integrating articles with mailchimp to eliminate the double handling.
  • ACTION ITEM: Setup email addresses for all position holders and update mailchimp configuration.

GSR Reports:

  • Rowena: Seaforth flourishing since the South Pacific bus is bringing people
  • Rowena: Dee Why Breakfast Meeting is well attended every day except Sunday.
  • Rowena: Rowena is chairing the GC’s for the next 6 months. They have a GC on the 3rd week of each month and have introduced some templates and processes to create more structure. Since this has happened things have settled down.
  • Ben: Epping – At the last GC it was decided the group will travel once a month to a different meeting needing support. Their meetings are well attended with about 20 people.
  • BJ: The 2 groups BJ represents haven’t had a GSR.
  • BJ: Since Mosman Monday night changed it’s time to 06:30 it has really revived the meeting. They have about 20 attending but not always the same people and members are increasing.
  • BJ: The Mosman Wednesday night mens group at 6pm is up and down ranging from 10 to 20 people.
  • Garry: Gordon Monday nights is well attended and run well. Approx 15 but last night had 40 due to another group visiting.
  • Garry: They only have a GC every 3 months but think they need one every month to stay in line with the Area activities.
  • John: Narrabeen Thursday night Steps Meeting is going well with a core of 12 to 15.
  • Anna: Dee Why Thursday 7pm is going well. They have created a greeter position and introduced pamphlets into the library.
  • Christopher: RtR Tuesday and Friday are both going well. They are celebrating their 13th Anniversary this weekend with a sponsorship forum. They have a GSC that meets regularly to determine actions to take to help the still suffering alcoholic.
  • David: Chatswood Sunday has a good balance of maturity and experience and attracts newcomers. Very fulfilling to be a member of this group.  There is a member 94 years old with 50 years of sobriety who has had a heart attack.  Members visit him in hospital to read the daily reflections.


General Business:


  • Garry: It would be beneficial to create a guideline and add to the website outlining the difference between a meeting and a group. ACTION ITEM: Garry to create a guideline.
  • John R: Dogs at meetings. AA insurance does not cover incidents that involve dogs at meetings.  It is definitive and if something does happen it is the secretary and the GC that is liable.  ACTION ITEM: John R to put together a guideline.
  • Anna: Suggested the topic of Concepts for Area D Forum in September.
  • ACTION ITEM: Andrew, John (PI) and Anna to organise an Assembly for the 28th May to discuss potential topics for conference. We need to obtain topics from the groups which can be submitted via the website.


NEXT MEETING: Wednesday 04th May at 07:30

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Mark your calendars! – The next Area E meeting will be held on Monday, March the 7th @ 7:30pm in the NSCSO Kuringai Community Centre, Cnr Rosedale Ave & Porters Lane, St. Ives. We encourage all GSR’s or people interested in service to come along.