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Alcoholics Anonymous

Area E Committee

Minutes of  Meeting
Held: Monday, 4th January 2015 @ 7:30 PM

Chair – Steve C

Sam – Cremorne 6pm Friday
John – Thurs AM Narrabeen
Garry – Gordon mon Night
Rowena – Tues PM Seaforth, Dee Why B’fast
Anna – 7pm Thurs Dee Why
John Seaforth Tues PM
Michael – Fri Kirribilli
Steve Fri Kirribilli
Andrew Fri Kirribilli
Opened at  7:30pm
12 Traditions read by Garry
Previous Minutes
Moved: John
Seconded: Steve
PI Report (John):
  – material distributed
  • Garry has collected for Gordon
  • email, ben has spoken with pharmacies, requested electrinic data
  • dave dee why, following up 10 pharmacies he’s spoken to
  • (Gordon) had GC, pursuing chemists
  • advertising through Val Morgan, spoke to GSO, obtained contact with Val Morgan
  • have drop box email of new ads
  • Area G is currently doing movie advertising, discount rate available
  • Chinese lantern in Oct 2016, contacted person, said area E will do stand at this function, contact asked us to finalise booking attendance is 50% cantonese and 50% mandarin speakers; limited AA resources in Chinese languages, BB and 44 q’s. Sandra from Chatswood said there might be a Chinese speaking member. Sam may have a Chinese speaker that can attend.
Chairmans Report (Steve)
    • Fiji fundraising, charitable rate not available at Curl Curl Community Centre; funds required during Feb so March fundraiser has been cancelled in lieu of donations at meetings. Some members have been approached by Steve to read Fiji letter at end of meeting attended and receive donations. Also bank details available for members to contribute at a later time. Rowena feels letter is too long and needs to be paraphrased. Steve will produce paraphrased version of letter. Sam feels letter doesn’t paint the Church in a good light, if paraphrased Steve will leave this out
Treasurers report (Peter)
  • accounts at 4 Jan, only activity payment of 1st quarter levy of $670 of annual conference and $132 for printing costs of assembly; balance $5461.18
Delegates Report (Lachlan)
  • Timeliness of Fiji donations,
  • Start advertising AGM,
  • Do we have December minutes
Group liaison (Michael)
  • went to meetings and presented GSR pamphlet, well received by groups
  • lamination of pamphlet decided upon with preamble on reverse side
GSR Reports:
Sam – Cremorne 6pm Friday
  • had GC
  • interested in Fiji Donations
  • down to 6 members
  • Large meeting recently due to holidays
  • 30 members usual
John – Thurs AM Narrabeen
  • Tramshed under renovations, relocated to Long Reef Community Centre
Garry – Gordon Monday night
  • All is well
Rowena – Seaforth
  • no GC since last time
  • healthy attendance since word of rehab buses has got out
  • 20-30 member per night
  • Terry treasure keeps regular donation and keeps literature in hand
Rowena – Dee Why, Curl Curl B’fast Group
  • more structure now in group conscience
  • healthy balance
  • GC needed to decide where surplus funds to go, possibly Fiji
  • Harmonious group
Anna – 6pm Dee why
  • 6 members
  • self supporting
  • service centrelink with pamphlets
  • increased from 3 types to 5 types, 15 pamphlets taken, hence there is interest
Andrew – RTR Friday
  • All is well
General Business:
John – program for Fiji has been released, link now from, will we accept proxy votes for Area E AGM; proxy via alternate GSR available, Reminder that Office manager position available.
Steve – Area E positions for the next 2 years Drew interested in Chairman, Proxy vote from Rowena as she can’t attend; Nominated John B for delegate, Treasurer Peter G, Jess for secretary, Michael will stay as group liaison, now required – PI office, Alternate delegate.
John R – for Area E AGM, only GSR’s can vote or via proxy GSR
Steve – Next meeting Sat 6th Feb at Midday for AGM

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