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Alcoholics Anonymous Area E Committee

Minutes of Meeting: Monday, 7th March 2016 @ 7:30 PM

Chair:             Andrew I (RtR)


Michael             (RtR)

John                 (Seaforth Tue PM)

Peter                (North Sydney Mon PM)

John                 (Narrabeen Thu AM)

Lachlan B          (Royal North Short Thu PM)

Anna                 (Dee Why Thu PM)

Hayden             (RtR)

Rosemary         (RtR)

Rowena            (Seaforth Tue PM & Dee Why B’fast)


Apologies:                            Nil

Meeting Opened:                07:30pm

12 Traditions Read By:     Peter

Previous Minutes:              Not tabled as still to be produced.

Chairman’s Report: Andrew

Andrew very honoured to be in the role.

PI Report: Position Vacant

A report was not tabled.

  • John (Seaforth) suggested giving consideration to having a PI Committee of up to 3 people.
    • The committee would be a sub-committee of this Area Committee.
    • The AA.Service.ORG Website overviews PI activity suggestions.
  • Lachlan stressed that the person leading the committee should have 2 to 3 years sobriety as they are the public face.
  • Andrew called for volunteers.
  • Peter suggested GSR’s to ask groups for volunteers.
  • John (Seaforth) overviewed the first activity the PI Committee could action, as quite a bit of investigation has already been performed. It involves organising the screening of AA videos at movie theatres.  There are 5 available.  The rates are $280 for a 30sec video for 1 week.  Someone would need to talk to Val Morgan to proceed.
  • ACTION ITEM: John to send current material involving the movie screenings to Rosemary.

Treasurer’s Report: Peter


  • Peter has rolled the balances over from the previous year.
  • Contributions entirely come from the 7th
  • Paid 2nd Conference Levy to send a delegate to the conference each year.
  • Motion Tabled: We send $1000 to the Fiji Convention. MOTION PASSED
  • ACTION ITEM: Peter to donate $1000 to the Fiji Convention.
  • ACTION ITEM: Peter to talk to GSO to determine the amount the Area has donated as it is currently not clear.

Delegate’s Report: John


  • John tabled the form to obtain the Area Office Bearers name and address details.
  • The Area Eastern Region Forum is in September and John stressed that it is really important that we attend. Each Area should support each other’s forums.
  • John raised obtaining from GSR’s when their Group Conscience is held so we can line up the announcement of the forum’s to gain interest.


Alternate Delegate Report: Anna

A report was not tabled.

 Group Liaison Report: Michael


  • Michael had pamphlets made up overviewing the GSR role which he presents at various groups. They all show interest.
  • Lachlan raised we should all be spreading the message about Area and doing service.
  • All Area members are encouraged to take some of the GSR flyers and announce them to the various meetings they go to.
  • ACTION ITEM: Andrew, Rowena, John (Seaforth) to review the GSR flyer with the view of possibly making it more appealing. Currently there is thought that the flyer is great but does have a few too many words hence turning people off reading it
  • Version 1 is to be used until a possible later version is available.

 Web Master Report: Lachlan B

  • Lachlan has completed an action item of 3 years ago and setup an Area E Website
  • It has 2 sections: News and Minutes, with more to come.
  • If anyone wants to receive a newsletter they just need to go to the site and add themselves. This will put them onto Mail Chimp so they will automatically be sent any other mail outs.
  • Next steps are to automate it so any new articles are automatically emailed.
  • The Website uses WordPress and Lachlan has written an operations manual that has all the details, passwords etc It is very easy to use.
  • Lachlan suggested also setting up a FB presence.
  • Lachlan can’t commit to all of the Area E meetings – probably every 2nd.
  • The Area Secretary will be the backup Web Master.


GSR Reports:

Reports were not tabled.


 General Business: 

  • Anna – We supply 5 types of pamphlets to Brookvale Centrelink. In the past month 46 pamphlets were taken.  Nearly 10 times more than previous months.
  • Andrew nominated Rosemary to be secretary and John seconded the nomination.
  • ACTION ITEM: Andrew to outline all Area E meeting dates so it is clear for everyone.
  • ACTION ITEM: Andrew to check with the office that the Area E meeting dates don’t conflict with any office meetings.
  • It is recommended that we do 3 assemblies through the year. John needs 2 to announce the topics and then discuss and vote on the topics
  • Lachlan also wants members to think about having a social component. Lachlan has only seen events that work is ones that have a social component.  A bbq, gratitude day etc
  • John from Narrabeen raised his concern about the future and the current structure of the CSO offices. Lachlan outlined that there is currently a committee to review the current structure of which he is a member. It will be a 3 to 4year process.


NEXT MEETING: Tuesday 5th April at 07:30

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