The Royal North Shore Hospital St Leonards Sunday morning  meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous is moving from the Community Health Centre to the new meeting room in the Clinical Services Building.

There is a big meeting room and kitchen and toilet facilities and ample parking right outside. Also conveniently located next door to the Herbert St Clinic.

Details below for how to get there.



How to find the RNSH Sunday Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting






Alcoholics Anonymous Area E Committee

Minutes of Meeting: Wednesday 10th January 2018 @ 7:30 PM

Chair:             Andrew I (RtR Kirribilli Fri PM)


Note: Ensure we have the email for each member.

Andrew I Area Chair RtR Kirribilli Fri PM Present
Rosemary P Area Secretary RtR North Syd Tue PM Present
John B Area Delegate Seaforth Tue PM Present
Anna S Area Alternate Delegate Dee Why Thu PM Present
Michael S Area Treasurer RtR Kirribilli Tue PM Present
Area Group Liaison Vacant
Area Public Information Coordinator Vacant
Lachlan B Area Webmaster Royal North Shore Thu PM MIA
The Mixer Editor Vacant
Mary H GSR RtR Kirribilli Fri PM Apology
Michael B GSR Alternate RtR North Sydney Tue PM Apology
John R GSR Royal North Shore Thu PM Present
Garry T GSR Gordon Mon PM MIA
David C GSR Epping Mon PM & Thu PM MIA
Rowena R GSR Seaforth Tue PM & Dee Why B’fast Present
Pam GSR Alternate Seaforth Tue PM & Dee Why B’fast MIA
Tina S GSR Mona Vale Sun AM Apology
David P GSR Chatswood Sun AM Present
Peter T GSR Long Reef Tue AM Present
Steve GSR Cremorne Mon PM MIA
Jean J GSR Kirribilli Sat AM MIA
Meg GSR Telopea Wed PM MIA
Trevor GSR Lane Cove Mon PM Present
Linda GSR Cromer Fri PM Present


Meeting Opened:                07:30pm

12 Traditions Read By:                 Peter T

Previous Minutes:              Accepted


Action Items:

Note: Motions were approved by the Area E Committee that if an action item is open for 4 months and not completed it can be automatically closed, unless retention is specifically agreed by the Committee.

Action Item Description Owner Due Status
20180110.01 Add notification to the Area E Website that  Royal North Shore, Thu PM Group, is sponsoring a 12 Step Recovery Programme which is a Big Book Study Group starting 06/02/18 for 18 weeks from 0730 – 0900pm at St Peters Church Hall, Cremorne. RP 20180203 New
20180110.02 All Area E members allocated to a district to distribute the Feb AGM flier:

o   District 1: Tina

o   District 2: Rowena

o   District 3  Drew

o   District 4: Linda

o   District 5: Michael S

o   District 6: John R

o   District 7: Michael S

o   District 8: John B

o   District 9: Anna

o   District 10: Rosemary

o   District 11: John B

All 20180203 New
20170406.03 email Susan authorising the printing of the Concepts banner in the short form on calico.

20170704 – CSO have decided to put the ordering of the banners on hold for 6 months.

20170704 – CSO to advise what the minimum orders are.

20170802 – Received from printer quotes for order quantities.

Ø  CSO literature checking to see if GSO will print and fund banners.

Ø  171106 – GSO will have them printed at the same time they print the steps banners. A timeline was not provided.

Ø  20171205 – MOTION PASSED to place an order to the CSO for 20 Concept Banners.

o   Area E will pay the one off design costs of $530. 

o   NSCSO will pay for the banners and recoup the costs when sold to the groups.  $40.70 x 20 = $814

Ø  20180110 – John B has contacted NSCSO to order the banners and inform John B when they are available.

Garry T

John B




In progress
20170406.01 Discuss having 2 signatories on Area bank accounts

Contacted Peter.  The only 2 signatories at present are Peter and Michael.

20170704 – It was decided the chairman and treasurer of Area E should be the 2 signatories.  Michael to organise.

20171205 – The logistics with the bank have been organised.  Left is for Andrew I to visit a branch and lodge his signatory.

Peter, Michael S




20161202.04 AA 30 Sec Commercial at movies: at 2017 year end look at having the commercial screened at Warringah Mall for 1 movie for 3 weeks over the Christmas period.  It will be screened 25 times a week for a total cost of approx. $1000.

Also review commercial screenings as part of the new unity project, possibly raising special contributions from meetings.

Rose P 20170109 Hold


NOTE: It was agreed that the November 2016 motion be amended by inserting after automatically closed “unless retention of an item is approved at an Area E committee meeting”.


Chairman’s Report: Andrew I

Andrew I tabled the report highlighting:


  • The flyer for the coming AGM has been created.


PI Report: Position Vacant

A report was not tabled.


Anna S had the following comments:

  • Brookvale Centrelink is constantly being restocked with 5 different pamphlets.
  • The Message to Teenagers and AA at a Glance are the most popular.


Treasurer’s Report: Michael S

Michael S tabled the report highlighting:


  • The Area E total current funds balance is $6655.97
    • NSCSO donated $1154.15


Delegate’s Report: John B

John B tabled the report highlighting:


  • 2017 Australian General Service Conference:
  • No update
  • 2018 Australian National Convention:
    • 53rd Australian National Convention of AA will be held in Perth from 29 March to 2 April.
  • 2019 National PI Conference:
    • 2017 Conference approved Area E bid to hold the 2019 National PI & CPC Conference.
  • National Survey:
    • The deadline for responses has been extended until April next year.
  • 2018 NSCSO AGM – February Saturday 3rd  Lunch 1230, AGM 1230 to 1400 :
    • Positions Available: Office Manager, H&I BTG Coordinator, Trustee,  Henley Roster Coordinator
  • 2018 Area E AGM – February Saturday 3rd Lunch 1230, AGM 1430 to 1600. Points of Interest:
    • NSCSO are allocated to organise the AGM this year. i.e. venue and catering
    • Suggestions for the number and format of the 2018 Assemblies were discussed. Anna S presented along the lines of having 4 Assemblies a year and not having the monthly meetings. This is to be discussed further at the AGM after everyone has taken it back to their meetings to discuss.
    • Lachlan B, the Area E Webmaster, has been appointed as a Trustee and will be resigning as Webmaster hence this position will be up for re-election at the 2018 AGM in February.
    • Positions Available: Chairperson, Secretary, Webmaster, Group Liaison Officer, PI & CPC Co-ordinator, The Mixer Editor
  • A request has been raised to create Job Descriptions for the various Area roles.
  • John highlighted that all members are encouraged to attend the Area AGM and those entitled to vote are the Area E committee members and GSRs.


Alternate Delegate Report: Anna S

Anna S tabled the report highlighting:


  • The flier for the coming Feb AGM.
  • From previous experience communicating the flier via the website or just leaving it on the literature table at meetings doesn’t work. Each of the Area E members allocated to a district need to announce and distribute the flier to their allocated district meetings.
    • District 1: Tina
    • District 2: Rowena
    • District 3 Drew
    • District 4: Linda
    • District 5: Michael S
    • District 6: John R
    • District 7: Michael S
    • District 8: John B
    • District 9: Anna
    • District 10: Rosemary
    • District 11: John B


Group Liaison Report: Role Vacant

A report was not tabled.


Web Master Report: Lachlan B

Area E Website

A report was not tabled.


  • Via email Lachlan outlined our website name registration is due in Feb and that he will pay it and submit the bill to Area.


2019 National PI & CPC Conference: Committee to be formed

A report was not tabled.


GSR Reports:


GSR Meeting Overview
John R Royal North Shore

Thu PM


·       This meeting is now resuming on Thursday 18th Jan, 0730 to 0930pm in a very nice room in the Mental Health Rooms on the first floor of the Clinical Services building.

·       The group also sponsors a 12 Step Recovery Programme which is a Big Book Study Group starting 06/02/18 for 18 weeks from 0730 – 0900pm at St Peters Church Hall, Cremorne.

Garry T Gordon

Mon PM

·       Attendance approx. 20 to 30 people.

·       Serving hot food after meeting and finding members stay on.

·       Consistently getting lots of visitors to meeting.


Anna S Dee Why

Thu PM

·       Leaves pamphlets at a Centrelink and Police and find the ‘Message to the Teenager’ is a popular one.


Christopher L RtR Kirribilli

Tue & Fri PM

·       Approx. 35 members over the 2 meetings.

·       H&I initiative at Northside and Herbert St have generated many more people attending the meeting.

·       The group has a PI initiative where members are to contact the therapists/doctors who initially tried to help them before they came to AA.  They are to inform them how they found a solution at AA and if they have other similar patients to pass on the good news.


David C Epping

Mon PM & Thu PM

·       20 members at the recent GSC.

·       20 to 30 people attend on Mon night & 15 to 20 on Thu night.


Rowena R / Pam Seaforth

Tue PM


Dee Why


·       Both groups going well.

·       South Pacific bring their clients to the Curl Curl and Seaforth meetings which attracts a lot of visitors.

·       They have generated a group specific birthday card.

·       Dee Why has a meeting 6 days of the week, each with a separate secretary.  Each meeting the secretary chooses a Chair for the meeting and they are encouraged to choose an older sober member.


·       Numbers have picked up well.

·       They have started to document general admin procedures like who has the keys, secretary rotation etc

·       Anna S is going to talk at the next GC on overview the PI position.

Tina S Mona Vale

Sun AM

·       Approx 15 members.


David P Chatswood Sun AM ·       Meeting is healthy with 20 to 30 attending each week with a good mix of sobriety.

·       Group members are interested in knowing more about the Service Structure and hence have agreed to read 1 tradition each week at the group meeting.


·       David has been making people more aware of the Traditions which has been going well.

·       David P has offered to provide a talk about Area.

John G Narrabeen Sun PM STATUS UPDATE:
Peter T Long Reef

Tue AM

·       Core attendance of approx 25 to 30

·       Service positions spread thinly across a small number of members.

·       GSC and finances are healthy.

·       Would appreciate more active members


·       Looking at initiatives to carry the msg to the public.

Steve Cremorne

Mon PM

·       Approx 10 members.


Jean Kirribilli

Sat AM

·       Approx 10 members.

·       Attendance can be 50+

·       Standing room only however looking for a bigger room

·       Once a month they have a morning tea so people can socialise.

·       They have a lot of newcomers attending.


Meg Telopea

Wed PM

·       20 to 30 attend

·       Quite often have visitors who come from the Central coast.

·       Regularly have 10 speakers


Trevor Lane Cove

Mon PM

·       They have strong attendance, about 30 people with a good mix of sobriety.

·       Northside have been attending for the last month which they think is a result of the increase of AA performing H&I visits there.

·       They hold their GSC every 14 weeks.


·       2 weeks away from next GC.


General Business:

  • Linda raised that the carpets at the NSCSO are in desperate need of cleaning and asked who should she contact to have it actioned as they don’t have an office manager at the moment. John B volunteered to talk to Mark W from the NSCSO re having the carpets cleaned.
  • Trevor asked if there has been any consideration of the idea of GSRs not attending the monthly Area Meetings and attending separate GSR meetings. Anna responded saying that there wasn’t any interest from her experience.  It will be added as an item for the AGM.

NEXT MEETING:  Yearly AGM on Saturday 3rd February at 14:30

After a 6 month hiatus the Royal North Shore Hospital Thursday Night meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous is back starting this Thursday, 18th January 2018.

We have a lovely and huge new meeting room with kitchen and toilet facilities and ample parking right outside. Also conveniently located next door to the Herbert St Clinic.

Please see details below for how to get there and we look forward to seeing both old and new faces at the meeting.

In Service,

Lachlan B.


How to find the RNSH Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting


All AA Members are invited to attend and participate in the Annual General Meetings of Northern Sydney Central Service Office and Area E Assembly.

Please join us for lunch, hearing about our activities in the past year and elections of available service jobs due to rotation or vacant.

For details, please see the attached flyer below. And feel free to print a few copies out and spread the message!


In Service,


John B.

Area Delegate.

AGM 2018 Flyer